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  • Long term care can include a variety of different things, depending on individual needs. Long term care for the elderly could mean help with day-to-day activities or support with an on-going medical condition. As the nature of long term care varies, so does the cost of long term care. Many consumers are surprised when they […]

  • Average life expectancy continues to increase with people simply being expected to live much longer than ever before. While many look at this as a good thing, it does require that the average consumer better plan for their financial future. This can often mean planning for long term care or other health related services. As […]

  • Few people prepare for entering into long term care. Even fewer people like to think of having to put their loved one, most likely a parent, into a long term care facility. That being said, once the day comes to pass it is understandable why the main concern would be how to fund such care, […]