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  • Few people have an endless supply of capital and assets to use to help fund their long term care. That being said, one of the biggest challenges facing those who have to pay for their own care is that their funds can run out, and they can actually run out quite quickly. This is because […]

  • Long term care can include a variety of different things, depending on individual needs. Long term care for the elderly could mean help with day-to-day activities or support with an on-going medical condition. As the nature of long term care varies, so does the cost of long term care. Many consumers are surprised when they […]

  • Average life expectancy continues to increase with people simply being expected to live much longer than ever before. While many look at this as a good thing, it does require that the average consumer better plan for their financial future. This can often mean planning for long term care or other health related services. As […]

  • If you were to do a poll on the population there would likely be a very small proportion that would say they had planned to move into residential or nursing care when they were in their later years. No one really ever anticipates that they will have to move in to a care facility. Perhaps […]